Why WordPress Development is the in-thing Today

Why WordPress Development is the in-thing Today

In the webspace of the future, WordPress is longer going to be considered as just a content management system (CMS). This will slowly evolve into a powerful framework that runs all kinds of apps. In the deep future, WordPress could morph into an operating system for the open web.

If you take a look at the websites created by various companies, you will find that it is WordPress web development that is powering a relatively high number. It has been rated as one of the most popular and easily the better CMS package. It gives a high benchmark and will be hard for any upcoming website developing solution to keep up with it.

The advanced features along with engaging design patterns and plugins have invited an influx of WordPress users. The system encourages new users to give it a try by improving the usability pattern of its services. The platform allows for the diversification of interests from all walks of life.

They have thought about almost everything, haven’t they? This is why WordPress development is the in-thing today. It has been predicted that by the end of the decade, there would be more than 200 million websites that are being powered by WordPress. They already power more than 20% of the currently active sites today.

One of their advantages – built-in templates and pre-written codes – might work against them in the case of those website developers who believe that coding must be done from scratch. Most experts would want to roll up their sleeves and code everything from A to Z. That is what makes them a true professional developer. Having said that, many companies take advantage of what WordPress has in store for them. Owners now have their eyes on ensuring more control as static websites do not offer what WordPress does – sufficient content management opportunity.

Benefits of using WordPress

  • Flexible

Originally designed to enable blogging and publishing activities, WordPress now powers a vast range of websites with varied purposes. Their sites can contain a full-service eCommerce store, can showcase portfolios and host social networks and podcasts. The core package consists of different basis as well as premium plugins, that are suitable for your website. The creative themes and easy access to the source files encourage companies to be creative and experimentative.


  • User-friendly

This is one of the more attractive qualities of WordPress. They are so user-friendly, even for beginners, that it becomes the first choice for most companies. Intuitive in nature, the admin dashboard provides the user with all the features required to customise the website and start posting right away.

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  • Themes with multiple options

The plethora of choices that are available to finetune the look and feel of the site is due to the ever-increasing directory basic and the premium themes. Site owners have the option to purchase more designs from the market places and third-party designers. These themes can be previewed on-the-go and installed immediately.


  • Mobile responsive

On average, the combined number of mobile and tablet users have finally surpassed the number of desktop users globally and the upwards trend is still continuing. This means that website owners have to ensure that their work is compatible with other devices as well. It also plays a vital role in Google ranking. All the more reason to use WordPress today.


  • Built-in blogs

Content is king. The presence of content inspires and motives a website user to consider your product and service. The built-in blog feature enables easy publishing of blogs that can be accessed from any device.


  • Analytics

Get instant numbers at your fingertips. Find out which blog worked. Find out the traffic to your website. Find out the lean periods. If you know the success formula, you have a better chance of improving your website accordingly. And with WordPress being so adaptable, what more do you need?

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WordPress is used by more than 30% of CMS-based websites all over. Your website is the most significant and longest investment. It has to be done right and it should have the ability to grow and adapt to the changing times. Give us a call and let’s discuss how best to promote your company using the array of features provided by WordPress.


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