Why Marketing Automation is inevitable in 2019

Why Marketing Automation is inevitable in 2019

In 2018, technology advancement has changed marketing automation. Marketing automation improves customer relationships by automating various actions at different stages of the lifecycle. Marketing automation is the future, and it can create a lean marketing team which helps start-ups to compete with large-scale industries. From the 1990’s, marketing technology has evolved, and as we look ahead, customers will continue to gain power and learn how to use it. Marketing automation not only streamlines processes but also saves a lot of time and has become one of the most significant trends in B2c businesses. It will automate all the actions that will help to convert the lead across various stages of the lifecycle. Marketers have understood the importance of automation, and hence investment in marketing automation tools have grown over the years. Based on research, marketing automation software market will develop at a speed of 8.55% by 2019. Currently, 51% of businesses are using marketing automation strategies, and hence you can see growing importance.

Let us look at the benefits of marketing automation.

  • It saves time and improves productivity.
  • It increases revenue and improves conversion.
  • It also reduces the chances of error.
  • It can provide significant insights into customer needs that can affect their decision.
  • It can help you measure and track the strategies in a better way.

So, how the market looks in 2019

  • Mass marketing will be on the rise and will control the brands
  • Connected customers will expect brands to meet their needs on a regular basis.
  • Marketing campaigns will need to be two way where continuous engagement will be required.
  • You will require faster, more predictive marketing processes and decision making to keep up with the competition.

Hence, there will be the following significant changes that will change marketing automation in 2019.

a) Brand Management
Social media is a robust communication channel that has the potential to improve your brand’s reputation. Thus, you will need marketing automation tools to monitor social media channels where communication takes place actively. The systems monitor and target peer to peer conversations that provide risk or opportunity to the brand and engage the audience.

b) Communication across channels
In 2019, you will need tools that facilitate continuous and relevant conversations with your audience. Hence, you should not make marketing campaigns as your only shot of promoting content. You will have to take advantage of various social media channels to communicate with the audience repeatedly and meaningfully. In 2019, marketers need to make use of marketing automation software like integrating smart bots and intelligent agent technologies to have real-time conversations with their audience.

c) To create better solutions
In 2019, marketing automation leader will establish best practices to reduce the complexity of rules and create better solutions. Machine learning will allow marketing automation software to grow and change without being programmed by users. So, the marketing automation platform along with machine learning will provide marketers with real-time segmentation, personalisation and predicting of churn and customer lifetime value.

Let us look at various reasons why Marketing Automation is inevitable in 2019.

1) To track prospect activities and improve workflow efficiency
A marketing automation software will track your prospects across varieties of web properties. So, how it works. You put a piece of tracking code on your website. When a person comes to your landing page and completes the form, it will add a cookie on the person’s web browser. Since there is a track of this conversation action, each time the person visits your website he will be tracked by the marketing automation software. There are various complex repetitive tasks like managing CTA’s, data processing based on information and generating reports which can be automated to improve workflow efficiency.

2) To find qualified leads and channel agnosticism
Marketing automation software consists of lead scoring feature which informs the marketer regarding the ideal purchaser and where the leads are in the purchasing cycle. Qualified leads percentage increase by 451% for businesses which use marketing automation software. Marketing automation software is channel-agnostic means it can be used with various platforms which can make a marketer’s life easier.

3) It increases revenue growth and reduces time to close deals
We know that marketing automation software is costly and a massive investment for companies but if we use it correctly it can increase revenue growth. Based on the study, there is an average increase of 34% of revenue for companies which use marketing automation software. The various features of marketing automation software reduce the time and energy to close deals.

4) Supports relationship marketing
Relationship marketing focuses on achieving high customer satisfaction scores. Marketing automation tools help to personalise relationships, lead qualification, nurturing campaigns and marketing alignment.

5) To reach maximum people at the right time
Marketing automation tool supports your real-time lead monitoring. The tools will send notifications when prospects take specific actions. Thus, it helps you to act based on prospect needs and improve engagement.

6) To create detailed customer profiles, maintain accuracy and generate value
With marketing automation software, you can get ideal customer profiles with the right data to create effective campaigns. The tools reduce human error and improve accuracy. An automated process saves both money and resources and increases value.

7) Simple to use and delivers content consistently
Marketing automation solutions are straightforward to use, and you do not need to be an expert to use it. Most of these solutions are designed like a template and is easy to use. Viewers like the post which are delivered on a regular basis and marketing automation software can support you to provide content consistently.

Marketing automation is a growing trend, so 2019 will all be about engaging and creating unique experiences that can generate more value. It will save time, resources and provide a seamless workflow. Marketing Automation strategy should be able to meet your business objectives. After reading this article, are you still thinking whether it is right to invest in Marketing Automation software in 2019? If yes, please contact us at VajraGlobal, and we clear your doubts.

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