Which programming language is the best to develop Mobile App?

Which programming language is the best to develop Mobile App?

The number which shows the rate at which the Indian app economy is maturing is impressive. A survey by App Annie states that by 2022 India will have as many as 37.2 billion app downloads in a year, which is equal to a growth rate of 207%, thereby making India the fastest growing app market across the globe. Hence, it is time that business owners who want to promote their businesses through mobile applications give more attention to the app development programme. Unless an app is user-friendly and has a plethora of options, it will not become popular among users. Hence, for enhanced customer experience, building an app with the best-suited programming language is the need of the hour.

5 Most prominent Programming Languages for Mobile App Development:
For mobile app development, developers use a variety of programming languages. But, one language will undoubtedly outperform the other. Let us look at the top five programming languages for mobile app development.


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Java is the most popularly used mobile app development language since its inception. Java is primarily used for desktop applications, back-end web frameworks, and Android applications. Java has been considered the best mobile platform by developers in the year 2019.

Of late Python has become a preferred language among developers for mobile app development. The reason is that Python offers features like agility and improved user experience. Besides, Python uses a basic syntax that looks like English, thereby making it easy to use for amateur developers.


PHP is primarily a coding language and is used to create dynamic websites. Nevertheless, PHP, which is an open-source language, can be used to develop android and iOS apps. Some of the other popular uses of PHP is to create Facebook apps, create GUI, image processing, content management system, and creation of PDFs and others.

When it comes to mobile app development, C++ performs exceptionally well. This is because C++ helps in the development of cross-functional platforms with its consolidated debugging experience and powerful environment. With C++, you can build excellent and robust apps for Android, Windows and iOS. The speciality of C++ is that it has low-level memory manipulation, and it is an object-oriented programming language at the same time.

This is comparatively a newer and first-class programming language. The structure of the language is similar to that of Java. Kotlin has more advanced features when compared to Java and also it is cleaner than Java. The unique feature of Kotlin is that it supports almost all the IDEs, including Android Studio and SDE ToolKit. Moreover, it has a concise and perceptive syntax, thereby making it easier to work with for the developers and also because it is a clear language the chances of bugs in the code are few. However, the problem with Kotlin is that there are only limited resources to master the language.

Why is Java considered as the best language for mobile app development?
By far, Java is considered the aptest programming language for developing mobile applications. However, it is quite common for developers and business owners to ask what makes Java the best. Let us try and drill down the reasons.

First of all, Java is a flexible language that allows developers to develop error-free mobile applications with ease. Secondly, Java has simple English-like syntax and less mysterious characters thereby making it easier to learn. Moreover, Java has features like rich API, database connection, networking, XML parsing, and many other utilities, making it the most versatile programming language for developers. Java is an open-source language and comes for free.

However, a common question is how bright the future of Java is? The answer is undoubtedly it has a promising future for further and more complicated app developments on platforms like Scala and Clojure. Last and not least, with the new version of Java7, the programming language will go a long way when it comes to mobile app development.

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If you are planning to launch a mobile app for your business, you might think that using Java is enough as it is the best programming language for developing the app. But that knowledge alone is not enough. The programming language needed for an app depends on the kind of app, its features, interface and user-friendliness. The best way to determine the best language to develop a mobile app is to seek advice from experts. You can connect with us at Vajra, and our experts shall give you a customized solution based on your business requirements. Build a mobile app that makes you stand out among your competitors. A little planning during the initial days can take your business a long way. Now is the time to take action.

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