Top Five Secrets to Ramp up your Digital Brand Engagement in 2020

Top Five Secrets to Ramp up your Digital Brand Engagement in 2020

What is Digital Brand Engagement?
With the emergence of online space and an exponential increase in personal devices, people today have become digital natives, thereby allowing brand marketers an opportunity to interact and communicate with potential customers directly. Therefore, when brands use the online space to deliver a brand’s positioning, and thus digital brand engagement begins.

Experts believe that digital brand engagement is a powerful tool to have long-term success in the online space. When customers become more engaged with a brand, they will eventually become loyal, and brands can leverage the existing customer base to give a push to their revenue.

Now the question is, as 2020 ushers in, what are some of the most intelligent hacks that brands can use to ramp up their digital brand engagement. Let us have a quick look at some of them.

Adopt a focused approach

Imagine your feelings on getting daily emails from an app that sells pet foods even though you do not like pets. Indeed, you will be put off by that brand. The result is that the brand loses a marketing opportunity. Therefore in the coming year, make sure that there is no room for generic marketing.

Focusing on the target audience is the only option for brands to deliver more value and unleash better avenues for growth. There are numerous technologies that brands should leverage for target marketing like Emails, social media marketing, content marketing, web analytics and others.

Invest in innovation

This is an age of technology. Gone are those days when cold drinks were offered to customers as they came into the store. Today’s customers expect a seamless end-user experience irrespective of the fact that you are buying something as basic as a monthly grocery or something special like your makeup kit. An excellent shopping experience is a must. Brands like Sephora, a beauty brand based out of Paris, have heavily invested in technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to offer customers with a state-of-the-art shopping experience. The Sephora Virtual Artist allows customers to try out a product through their app virtually. The use of such technologies will undoubtedly increase your brand engagement in the coming year.

Increased usage of social media
Social media has been qualified as a powerful marketing strategy, and it will continue to do so in the future. Brands should try to connect with potential customers on a personalised level so that they feel valued and gradually become loyal towards the brand. However, keep in mind that getting too pushy on social media platforms might have a negative impact. It is a fine line between adequate attempts to sell and being pushy, and brands must watch out carefully.

Craft interesting promotion videos
Sometimes reading content can become tedious, especially for the young customers of today who are ever busy. But brands must make their voices heard. In such cases, videos can be highly effective. Also, it has been seen that videos often generate the highest conversion rate. For example, if you are selling yoga mattresses, you can offer some free videos showing some yoga exercises that can be done using the mattresses.

Do not forget SEO
It has been said time and again that good SEO ranking can give your brand a competitive edge, and the same principle holds true even for the year to come. This is because people today rush to the search engines when they are looking for something, or when they need a solution. In such instances, if your page ranks higher in the search results, it is evident that you have a higher chance of grabbing a new customer. Hence, brands must not deter to invest in SEO.

Getting started now
Nevertheless, brands have too many things on their plate, and if they try to do everything on their own, they may not do justice to the tasks. The result is that they cannot leverage on a particular front like digital brand engagement. This is where the service of experts come in handy. If you are a brand who is looking at more digital brand engagement in 2020, you can contact us at Vajra, and our experts will understand your requirements and come up with a highly effective brand engagement strategy. You will certainly see the difference in ROI once you have on-boarded services of experienced personnel.

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