Top 5 reasons why Email Marketing should be part of your marketing strategy

Top 5 reasons why Email Marketing should be part of your marketing strategy

Digital marketing is all about reaching the prospects in the two-dimensional world, engaging them, encouraging them to consider our product and service and eventually convert them into customers. It does not stop there. The mails must continue even after. That is the beauty of email marketing. This is taking engagement to a whole new level because we have now landed the magical wand of being able to send personalized emails to individual customers. This is not just about sharing posts on a social media platform hoping that it would reach the right person at the right time.

Making the pitch to the door of the prospect

Gone are the days when flyers and posters were considered to be sufficient. They sure make the road pretty and would attract a lot of eyeballs. But we are right now working on the ability of our content to convince the buyers to make a purchase.

Why email marketing?

It is not just about making a random pitch to the prospect and then waiting for them to fall into our laps. Email marketing is about establishing contact and staying in touch with them. This is irrespective of where they are today with respect to our offerings. It could be that they do not have the need, or that they are using a rival product. They could also be using our product. With email marketing, we can make sure that they are constantly reminded of us one way or another. And this is what we need to maintain a healthy relationship with them.


How does it work?

Email marketing is about ensuring that the right person reads what he needs to know. And bringing him to our platform in the correct manner. This involves a lot of research on multiple levels.

1. Lead Profiling

Study of the buyer’s persona is very crucial to email marketing. You do not want to create a tag of being a spammer by mailing the wrong audience. There is such a thing called bad publicity after all. Ensure that you have done sufficient background analysis of who you think would be interested in your offer. There are many companies in the market who could help you create a list of contacts to be connected with.

2. Research on the product and service along with competition in the market

Understand your place in the market. See the market share of the competition. Learn their USP. This would be crucial to how you intend to project what you have to offer. The experience and expertise of a digital marketing partner could help you highlight your brand in an effective and efficient way.

3. Understanding the needs of the buyer with respect to the product / service

What are you trying to achieve with your product/service? Why would a buyer reach out to you? Is it worth their time and money? This is what you need to understand yourselves before expecting someone else to.

4. Reaching out to different types of audience depending on how they might feel about the product or service
Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s commence email marketing.

An effective email marketing campaign depends on communication with active recipients as they would be the first and most important leads in our list of audience. It would also ensure that energy and time are not wasted on contacts who are dormant.

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Benefits of email marketing

With many many marketing strategies that could work, there is a reason why we at Vajra would recommend a healthy dosage of email marketing in your budget.

1. You can reach them both on their systems as well as their phones
2. Perfect way to keep them informed of new developments, updates and benefits
3. Offers and discounts are something they would want at the tip of their fingers especially during holiday seasons and festivals
4. Personalization. Who could resist an email that has their name in the subject line of the mail?
5. Very economical in nature. Get the right marketing automation tool or the perfect digital marketing partner and ensure that you stay in the minds of your clients

Email marketing can take care of multiple strategies in just one platform. This is a simple solution and no-brainer for your business.

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