Top 5 inspired web design ideas to beat the competition in 2019

Top 5 inspired web design ideas to beat the competition in 2019

Digital marketing is both a science and an art. We have seen that there is no one right way.


The same applies while creating a website as well. Whether you are a designer, content writer or the brains behind the coding; the worry is the same. The question of what will work will be a constant worry in your head. What has worked before might not work again. What did not work once might click. Taking the website to the next level involves intricate designs, attractive looks and an easy-to-follow flow. There is no such thing as the perfect web design ideas. That is the tricky part.

The internet has grown. The past decade has seen many changes. AR, AI and other advancements in technology have helped improve creativity beyond anything imagined. Traditional stock images are abandoned for asymmetrical designs, modern illustrations and bold themes. Web designers need to think outside of the box to come up with outstanding elements to sweep the market off of their feet in 2019.

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Creating the website

Do not forget that you are creating something out of nothing. The thought can be both intimidating and exciting. While there are no perfect designs that are universal, take a look at the top 5 inspired web design ideas that can help you beat the competition

  • Black and white palettes

Black and white designs are classic, timeless and elegant. They convey the right message with the right touch of drama and style. They are unique in nature and extremely eye-catching.
Routalempi has brought out the beauty of black and white in a complete way. The absence of colours is seen as positive. Emotions have been expressed beautifully. The placement of the content is perfect as it brings out the balance between the two colours.

Cruso would have completely ruined their website had they brought colours into the picture. By removing the colour from their otherwise colourful logo, they have maintained their web design consistently.

  • Micro-interactions

Users like to be surprised. That is what micro-interactions do. They create the moment that intrigues the users and promotes quality engagement with the website viewer. It helps provide a sense of direction to the user and takes them to where they should go next.

Micro-interactions are tiny design elements but ignoring them can really cost you. They not only improve navigations on the website and provide tips to the users; they help reduce the bounce rate and thereby increase the chances of converting a casual visitor into a lifelong customer.

  • Video content

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and there is a reason why. It is also the third most visited website after Google and Facebook. Customers look for instant gratification and videos are the way to create it. Facebook has created a separate page on the app dedicated to just videos. Your preferences are analysed and similar videos are automatically sent to your feed.

A background video is a popular web design ideas used by many companies to generate traffic. It helps connect visitors to your product and retains more attention than a simple banner filled with content. Videos that show ‘about us’ and ‘our services’ also help the client remember more about the company. Video loops increase visitor engagement and show personality.

Fixasphalt uses video as their strategy to convey the message immediately.

Alaskatours touches your heart and retains your attention with the animals.

  • Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most dominating web design choices of 2019. This is a classic and timeless trend that creates a lot of whitespace between the animations and content. Too many distracting elements such as pop-ups can irk a visitor, not impress him.

Measponte has spaced out their content in a beautiful way. The mild colours in the background bring out the content in the right fashion. Studiorotate is another beautiful example of minimalism. Use the space well, and you have a winner.

  • Glitch art

Retro designs make their way back into the 21st century in the form of glitch art. The feeling of disorientation is amplified by combining retro with modern times.

It makes you look back again to see if there is an error in the website and that creates the perfect bait. Making the viewer give you a second look is what a successful web design ideas are all about, isn’t it?

Glitch art is becoming a trend in 2019. With technology bringing in perfection to the website pages, a glitch adds the flaw making it imaginative and unique.


2019, being the last year of the decade, gives you the chance to create an impact. We at Vajra lookout for new and trending web designs that help keep customers on their toes and come back to the website for more. While some websites require more art, some need only the basics. With our experience and expertise, we understand the right balance between too much and too little and help you create the perfect environment to suit your company and the visitors.

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