Is Umbraco the best platform for website development?

Is Umbraco the best platform for website development?

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It is written in C# and deployed on Microsoft based infrastructure. Since version 4.5, the whole system has been available under an MIT License.

Now that we got the basic definition out of the way, let’s talk about Umbraco and why we at Vajra recommend it.

To tell you how, popular Umbraco is, take a look at these statistics.
There are over 500,000 websites powered by Umbraco CMS, from startups and charities to global brands and fortune 500 companies.

Now, look at it from a user’s point of view, before we explain why Umbraco is the best platform for website development.

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There have been fantastic reviews about Umbraco.

Umbraco is actually my favourite CMS. It is great if you are creating a site with many pages that each uses one of a small number of formats. For instance, one of the Umbraco sites I worked on in the past had 900 pages with about 30 different templates. If you are a company with a large number of products, skills, staff or case studies that you want to display on your website, Umbraco can make it really easy to do so: Joshua Walsh, Umbraco Certified Professional.

Umbraco is great CMS and we love it at our company. With Umbraco you can build all kinds of websites from small corporate websites to complex multisite: Ivaylo Pandurski, Marketing Manager at Code+Marketing.

Umbraco CMS is an excellent choice for creating eCommerce web solutions for scenarios ranging from simple to complex. It is developed on the ASP .NET platform.

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Pros of Umbraco CMS:

  1. After installing it, a developer gets a featured environment for storing and editing any data. It’s an easy way to store any content on the website.
  2. A developer doesn’t need to know any specific languages to use it. All development is led by ASP .NET.
  3. The sites created on Umbraco CMS are user-friendly.
  4. The sections for viewing information are really quick to develop.
  5. A bounty of available extensions at the official support site.

Cons of Umbraco CRM:

  1. Challenging to use it after installing. Umbraco CRM is intended for developers and needs customisations for unique project development.
  2. Umbraco requires full trust mode with extended rights for site work. (It’s not a problem for websites running on Amazon EC2).

Umbraco CRM is good enough for creating e-Commerce stores. If you want to develop a website on Umbraco, reach out to Ukad. We have about 200 engineers with a huge experience building e-commerce stores on Umbraco CRM: Denis Maksymenko, CEO, Ukad RnD IT Center.

So, what makes Umbraco so great?

Umbraco is one of the most popular cloud-based open source content management systems that is being built using Microsoft ASP .NET framework. This platform is known for its flexibility to run anything from flyers and brochure sites to handling small campaign to complex applications for Fortune 500 companies. The benefits that they offer bring the customers automatically to their doorstep.

  1. Umbraco CMS is Free.
  2. Huge Support Community for Umbraco CMS.
  3. It is Perfect for Publishing Content.
  4. Umbraco CMS is on the Cloud.
  5. Perfect for Search Engine Optimization.

You have complete control of content management systems.

The control especially is what makes Umbraco one of the best choices for website development. You do not want to pick something that binds you to it. You need to have the flexibility and control. That is what would make you comfortable with any technology software.

Please note that is is more of a developer-oriented platform. There are no plugins for expanding the website functionality. It can be done only through coding. You could definitely use a hand in building your website. And that is where we come in.

Vajra has an excellent specialist website development team that can customize a platform to suit your needs.

So, let’s take a call and talk about your website. It would be one of the best investments you can ever make. They are your 24/7 spokesperson. Build it right. Build it well. And you will also agree that Umbraco is the best platform for website development.

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