How will content marketing grow in 2018?

How will content marketing grow in 2018?

Every new year brings with it, a set of trends and challenges to pursue and even if we have fortune tellers who spend their days moving their hands over crystal balls, it is very difficult to understand what would come up in future. But, when it comes to future of content marketing, it looks very promising and a recent survey conducted by CMI is a testimony of that. As you see below, the effect of Content Marketing strategies has been growing across the years.

Content technique


Thus, organizations have constantly made investments in content marketing based on their experiences which has proven very effective for marketers around the world. But, in order to maintain growth and to have an edge over other competitors, marketers have to be updated with the latest trends in content marketing.



Below are the challenges faced by Enterprises in case of content marketing:

  • Isolated internal departments — In most enterprises, sometimes, there are too many people working on content. Basically, the organizations are facing difficulties in bringing about smooth collaboration across several departments.
  • Personalization needs hard work — Having personalized content would be time consuming and would require many hands for collection of data. This is because, organizations are not aware of the tools that can help them or businesses are not ready to invest as much as necessary.
  • Sustaining a quick strategy — The pain points, needs and behaviour of customers keep changing, and we need an effective content strategy that is proactive with new ideas and a content library which has answers for the changes.

In order to overcome these challenges in 2018, even if organizations will be investing a lot in content marketing they will need a strategy.

So, how will content marketing grow in 2018? Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming trends in this industry, that we think are going to hero in 2018.

1.Live Video is the King:

Videos are expected to be huge for all marketers or customers as they give maximum ROI. This trend is not disappearing for 2018 since HubSpot reports that video is a growing market, with 48% of marketers planning to add YouTube to their marketing plan in the next year, and 46% planning to add Facebook video. Video creation has always been a hit but now-a-days, live video also provides a more dynamic and engaging way to catch the attention of customers. If you need to make a live video, you only require a smartphone and a phone tripod, which is quite inexpensive. When you create a live video on Facebook, it helps you have instant and engaging conversations with your followers and various brands can tell their store in a very creative way. When Facebook launched its Live video strategy, Searchenginejournal compiled analytics and found that average Facebook live engagement was 178% higher than their average post engagement. Videos perform in all kinds of formats and not only increase the conversion rates, but also improve customer engagement and help your brand stand out.

2.AR and VR experiences will be on the rise

AR and VR


While live video is super engaging and certainly interactive, there’s another kind of interactive visual content that allows you to create an entirely different experience for your audience. According to latest report of ET Panache, right now AR and VR are experiences enjoyed by individuals. You have a headset and you immerse into a world. In future, it is being said that VR and AR are going to become communal experiences where the whole community will be working, playing and exploring together. Fortune reports that AR and VR are projected to generate approximately $150 billion in revenue by 2020. A lot of brands such as has already seen a future in VR and AR experiences and hence they are investing into it. VR and AR have the ability to deliver unique experiences to anyone anywhere and have new ways to reach to customers.

3.Mobile Marketing strategies are the new smart way

mobile marketing strategies


It has been recently found that Facebook alone talks about 1.09 billion mobile daily active users which is around 22% increase over last year. This means that around 92% of users are using Facebook via mobile and hence it is essential that the content is as per mobile user. When you look around these days, you see most of the people are stuck on their smartphones most of the time. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are here to stay and if you want your content to be shared and enjoyed you need to make the content optimized for mobile.

Mobile marketing strategies are essential because –

  • Most of your users are on mobile and 80% of internet users access the content on mobile
  • SEO experts have seen that mobile friendly content have seen boost in searchability.
  • It is said that mobile users are bigger spenders. If you see as per research made by Shopify, mobile devices now make up almost more than half of ecommerce traffic.
  • Mobile content gets easily shared and customers are unhappy with the brand if content is not mobile friendly.

4.Personalization will play a pivotal role in the new year



Often, when Facebook wishes you personally on your special occasions, you feel deeply connected to the brand. 2018 is going to be a year where personalization will take a step further and become completely content targeted. With new changes in technology, marketers are looking at creating customised content based on buyer’s needs, behaviour and personality. This means you and your friend would get two different experiences based on your personality, location or age in spite of looking for the same thing online.

5.The new trend is making Content available without looking at the screen

new trend


In today’s world, internet of things helps us to make content available to us in a way that our hands and eyes remain free. If you see a technology like Siri, you talk and Siri responds to your requests. Amazon voice service, Alexa is also being used to answer any question or perform any task by merely speaking into it. In these cases, content is being used in a really intuitive manner and systems are being made more and more intelligent to serve better to their customers.

As we enter into the new year, Content Marketing is not going anywhere. Marketers are going to invest into it and 2018 is the best time. It is time to have content marketing strategies for the Right Customer, at the Right place and at the Right time.

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