How to increase brand awareness for your SaaS product?

How to increase brand awareness for your SaaS product?

How to increase brand awareness for your SaaS product?

For a SaaS company, brand awareness is very crucial and can make or break the business. Let’s understand the importance of brand awareness for your SaaS product.


Importance of brand awareness for your SaaS product:

You may be selling a really ingenious product that solves a major issue in the industry, but what’s the point of developing such an awesome tool if no one knows your brand? If you’re invisible to your target audience, then how are you going to generate sales for your product? Similarly, a mediocre product could sell wonderfully in the market if the brand is popular and appears at the right time in front of the right people. There are plenty of examples that can be stated for the above scenarios. Take a minute to think of those brands and products that fit in each case and you’ll be mighty surprised. Now that we have understood the importance of brand awareness, let’s focus on the steps to increase brand awareness for your SaaS product.

Steps to increase brand awareness for your SaaS product:

Here are a few thoughts on how to generate brand awareness for your SaaS product and retain your brand name in the market:


Create Original and Engaging Content

As stated by Bill Gates, “Content is King”. In this era of competitiveness, original content is a very powerful tool that can do wonders for your business. Here’s how you can introduce compelling content to make people aware of your brand.


  • Create a high-quality blog

Use the company blog to provide information that are relevant to the product audience. Your aim should be that when a prospect searches for a solution to a problem that your product provides, your blog that talks about the solution should be on top of the search results. For example, if you do a Google Search for “badminton shoe guide” or “how to choose the right badminton shoes”, an Asics blog “BADMINTON SHOES: A GUIDE TO WHAT TO WEAR” is one of the top results.


Consider choosing the correct Keywords for your content in order to target the right audience at the right time. You may want to take a look at your competitors for the kind of information that they are providing to their customers along with traffic to those pages.. Give it your own twist and make it suit your tone of communication. Remember to select relevant and important keywords and search queries for your content. How do you do that? Well, there are tools like Google Keyword Planner among others in the market, that will easily help you in this task.

Ensure that you have your primary keywords set right, when you create any sort of content for your blog.

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Here is an example. Company XYZ was finding it difficult to create a space of its own in the industry. In spite of multiple efforts, traffic was not increasing and eventually, sales had also stagnated. One of its marketers suggested the creation of an owned blog where regular and relevant content could be posted to attract the targeted audience from various platforms. They went on to create a really informative and well maintained blog that was populated with compelling content in a very short duration of time. This step resulted in a 7% rise in the organic visits that the company received.


There’s so much competition out there that you may get lost in the crowd. To make your mark and leave an imprint on your audience’s minds, offer inventive solutions to existing problems in your domain, keeping in mind the persona you are creating the content for. Everyone needs answers to their questions. So give them exactly what they want.


  • Offer a good variety of content pieces

Hubspot stated that “74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing”. So make sure you offer rich content to your leads by presenting your stories in the form of interesting posters, infographics and videos. These type of content pieces garner a lot more attention, making your brand stand out in the crowd. Oh yeah, do maintain relevance and provide the right information, else, you may become infamous for all the wrong reasons.


  • Introduce interactivity in your communication

How about an engaging form that asks relevant questions in a very fun and creative way? Wouldn’t you be intrigued to click on it and see the outcome? Then why not try the same for your brand? You may use quizzes, puzzles or any interactive format that asks your leads to fill in their details for a specific purpose in an innovative manner.

“Will Chou of Kissmetrics stated, “We did this ourselves with a product wizard quiz and increased our client’s demo sign-up conversion rate by 19.22%”

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The quiz gives options to choose from based on the user’s previous answers.



  • Talk about latest news and relevant trending topics

Create an overall image for your brand and make it emerge as an expert in the industry or the niche that you specialise in. Research on any trending topic that may affect/benefit your leads, create a story around it and present it in a creative way with necessary facts. There’s no way your brand will go unnoticed. Hubspot is one of the best examples as they provide good insights on trending topics, along with powerful case studies. This enables other startups to learn through the experiences of so many companies in the same domain. Positioning yourself as an expert in your area will bring qualified traffic to your blog and website.

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Content Distribution

This is another effective way to create brand awareness for your SaaS product in the market. Basically, there are three ways of interacting with your target audience –

  • Social Media

Social media is the best possible way to reach out to your potential customers and talk to them about your brand and your product. Identify your target audience perfectly and create customized campaigns to attract each set of audience. Everyone has a smartphone today, and not just that, most of the people prefer browsing social media sites on the go. Make sure you design creative and unique campaigns  to tap the right people who’ll further go ahead and become successful conversions for your brand. As mentioned earlier, social media is the perfect example to describe the ripple effect. Your communication should have the potential to go viral. If the content you share is highly appealing, then you don’t even have to bother spending your money on marketing, the content will do its own job of spreading the word to relevant people. Do not forget to connect with influencers who can accelerate brand awareness for you.

SaaS productGuest Blogging

Forbes, YourStory, Business Standard, Moz, Searchengineland are a few websites that publish high-quality content. Not just that, they have really influential people reading their columns on a daily basis. So, if you want to make people aware of your brand, you need to reach out to them on such platforms. The best way to do that is to publish your content on one or most of these sites. This adds value to your company as you seem to be a thought leader in the industry you serve. You also add to your network of connections and direct people to your site and thus, your product/service.

Generating brand awareness by introducing  Interesting offers:

Announce interesting ways to entice your leads to subscribe to/purchase your product. Incentives always work and have been one of the greatest hacks of successful marketing. Whenever you visit a supermarket, you are bound to purchase more than what you need because of exciting offers that tempt you beyond your limits. That’s what you’ve got to do online as well. Allure your customers with great offers they can’t resist or at least give a thought to. Let us discuss the case of company XYZ that we’ve mentioned earlier. XYZ wanted to make its audience aware of its existence without spending a fortune on marketing activities. So, it announced a referral program for its customers. It was a simple offer where the referrer and referee would receive discount on the subscription of its product for a month. This was a great technique where the customer would send a notification to all his/her contacts urging them to sign up for their service/product. Instead of XYZ spending on databases and email campaigns, it just introduced this scheme of referral discount. This resulted in huge success for the brand. Similar tactics could be employed to automate the process of brand awareness.

Other ways to increase brand awareness:

Apart from these, there are a few other ways that can give your brand the visibility that it needs.

  • Inclusion of your company to popular SaaS based directories
  • Participation in major events and conferences happening around you
  • Partnering with powerful and well-established companies to gain higher authority in your field

Ultimately, branding yourself correctly is the key to success. Cardbury’s stands for celebration more than anything else. Although a confectionery brand, it has made itself synonymous to festivities and fervour. That’s what you, as a brand must aim to achieve. If you get it right, then there’s nothing stopping you.

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