7 LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your business in 2021

7 LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your business in 2021

My name is Shailesh, and I own a printing press. The sudden outbreak of pandemic left me clueless about managing the situation and saving my business from massive losses. It was an enormous hit on my marketing and logistic processes. Consumer behaviour had changed entirely, and the direct impact was seen on their purchase decision. The effect was indirectly seen in my sales. For the first time in my life as an entrepreneur, I was struggling and had to take some concrete steps. That’s when I came across Vajra-a digital marketing agency. They introduced new strategies to my business that helped me to succeed during the pandemic, understand the customer journey better, and bring user-generated content to my platform. The LinkedIn platform helped me change my situation and regain all that I had lost. It became the perfect platform for lead generation.

The year 2021 is approaching. As a business owner, it is good practice to take stock of where my brand currently stands and turn my attention to the future. Think about my business or marketing goals for the year to come, and plan the road to get there. Are platforms like Facebook and Instagram showing signs of saturation in terms of organic reach? Do I need to look out for other platforms to help my business grow? 

When these questions cross my mind, LinkedIn saves the day. This is because LinkedIn can be used as one of the best networking tools. Moreover, it has helped my business during a time of crisis. Due to 310 million monthly active users, LinkedIn has become an ideal platform for businesses to grow professionally. 

What is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a professional platform created to help you establish and reinforce business relationships. You can do many things that can make it a valuable addition to your digital marketing strategy

Why is LinkedIn Marketing important for business?

  • 3 out of 4 members use LinkedIn for keeping up on trends to reading business news.
  • 64% agree that LinkedIn develops relationships and grows new business.
  • Members are 2x more confident in the information found on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a robust platform and an excellent place for networking and growing your business. It allows your business to build credibility and help you create a meaningful network and share industry-related expertise from other thought leaders in your industry. By posting engaging content and participating in industry discussions, you can market to potential customers and build brand awareness.

7 LinkedIn marketing tips for growing your business in 2021

  • Company page must be up-to-date

The best strategy is to keep your company’s profile on LinkedIn up-to-date. This is because many people who join LinkedIn go through companies’ pages that interest them and they can lose interest if the company page wasn’t updated recently. To keep engaging people, it is crucial to add the latest events and growth that is happening in the company. Also, it would help if you kept your summary section relevant and crisp. It must contain information about your brand’s growth as it allows visitors to know about your company instantly.

  • Post-high-quality, relevant content

For LinkedIn, you should write articles relevant to your audience as you are here to create a pertinent network of links for your business and generate leads. However, LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms. It is taken seriously in the professional world. Thus your LinkedIn page may carry a long-lasting impression. So, publish articles that grab the attention of your audience.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Educate your audience. Teach them how to solve a problem or how to do their job better.
  • Add images of individuals.
  • Cover industry topics and make your content personable.
  • The tone must be more formal.
  • Post consistently and respond to the comments. This will increase your brand visibility.


  • Don’t just share posts 
  • Avoid long videos and articles
  • Use links as LinkedIn rewards you for staying on their platform
  • Get too personal
  • Use constant hard sells and promotions
  • Use InMail effectively.

One more strategy that works for LinkedIn marketing is to build your email list. It helps you to market your brand to your connection in a much easier and direct way. Once you have the connections, you can send them an invite for signing up for the email marketing list. 

One of the LinkedIn Marketing features-InMail also works effectively. It allows you to get personally in touch with relevant people and get a response back. Moreover, as per the study emailing through InMail has a higher response rate than other email services.

  • Create your group or join business communities

LinkedIn has various professional communities for promotion, an excellent source for connecting and interacting with like-minded people in your niche. One of the benefits of joining them is finding people interested in your business, which can also help you analyse the type of content they like. With meaningful discussions, you can build relationships with them, all for free.

Since we know the importance of LinkedIn groups, it would be great to have one for your own business. A good LinkedIn group ownership can positively impact the company’s social image in the digital market. By efficiently leading it, your company can come out as a leader in your industry.

  • Use LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog.

LinkedIn has specifically created a blog to give marketing solutions to digital marketers. It helps them achieve their digital marketing goals on their platform. By following this blog, you can keep yourself updated on the latest trends and efficient ways to optimise LinkedIn for marketing.

  • Use LinkedIn as a Lead Generation page.

Another strategy for LinkedIn marketing is to convert your standard page into a lead generation page. This will help you to increase conversion rates as well. By using various images and good quality content, you can pitch in front of the visitors and the members of their community. Also, by adding recent updates that can lead them to the website, you can compel people to take action. 

  • Make a Showcase page.

You need to have a LinkedIn Showcase page to promote individual brands that are extensions of the company. It is the perfect way to segment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. Create a business unit that is directly connected to a specific target audience and then create a Showcase page. They are custom made for B2Bs to better generate leads..

The best way to market your brand on LinkedIn is to build a custom URL. Based on your interaction, you can create a relationship between your brand and your members. And when people gain interest, they would Google about you, and they might not come across the right company. So, creating a URL containing your name in itself helps them find the site of a brand once you share your URL with them. 

LinkedIn marketing has opened a wide range of possibilities in the digital marketing arena. It is a very beneficial platform for business to business communication as well as per lead generation. Therefore it is vital to apply the right strategies to promote your business. So, If you want an expert to help you with it, contact us. We provide the above LinkedIn marketing services that will help you boost your brand value. 

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