10 Quick tips about Linkedin Marketing

10 Quick tips about Linkedin Marketing

Around 1990’s, there were Six Degrees of Separation trend where people could connect to only six people. But nowadays, the world is getting small, and we are more connected to each other. This is alarming for B2B marketers since lead generation process turns into a shrinking window and they will need to find new ways to market or generate leads. LinkedIn has become a useful tool which helps marketers to compete in the B2B world. Based on research, 93% of B2B marketers feel that LinkedIn is lead generation magnet. As per one study, 50% of B2B users use LinkedIn for purchase decisions, and 70% of professionals believe that LinkedIn has trustworthy content. LinkedIn marketing has the most significant professional network and supports companies to reach its ideal customers. With LinkedIn, marketing companies can generate leads, drive website traffic, create brand awareness and promote business. To get most out of LinkedIn Marketing, let us discuss some quick tips.

1.Company Profile matters

A Company profile is necessary for the LinkedIn account to put your company in best of light. You can create company profile by following steps

  • Enter the company name and upload an image that creates impact
  • Create About us section which consists of data of your company, industry and additional information
  • Share location so that you can connect with local businesses.
  • Lastly, create links to the company profile.

Company profile should consist of interesting summary that engages the customers. The profile should include the logo at the right place. Moreover, if we use keywords, then we can easily find the page. We need to create a list of essential products and ask for reviews to encourage more interaction.

2.Engaging content and matched audience feature is imperative

Content marketing is critical for any platform, and we need to post actionable content. LinkedIn has a set of audience that is ready to consume your content. You can post different types of the post like article or video to engage the audience. If you need to create a post, LinkedIn consist of simple publishing tool where you can share with the catchy headline, video or image. Content needs to stand out since there are 1,00,000 articles published every week on LinkedIn. As per LinkedIn, it takes at least ten articles to convert the audience, and they need to click before they convert, so we need to have action words in the article. Educational content creates buzz on LinkedIn which focuses on common questions or problems that arise in the industry. Matched audience tool is the latest feature where you can retarget the visitors already in the sales funnel and optimise LinkedIn as an advertising platform. This feature helps you to retarget visitors, upload existing accounts and add LinkedIn adds to emails since maximum visitors do not purchase during their initial visit.

3.Need eye-catching videos and images

As per LinkedIn, one of the best ways to drive audience is using images and videos. Based on research, images have 98% comment rate, and videos have 75% sharing rate. Posts with images or charts make it visually appealing, and it gets easier to remember the information. Images can be used not only on publishing platform but also to boost your profile. Videos can showcase the brand’s story, answer FAQ’s, interview with an important person in your industry, customer feedback and real-life examples. Video creation and editing have become very easy, and it can is done in few seconds.

4.Post consistently and at the best time

The content needs to be new, and companies should aim to publish 1-2 times per week on LinkedIn to engage their audience. The posts should cover the upcoming developments, fresh insights and advice on latest issues. Companies should use data to figure out what is the best time for their brand to post the content. LinkedIn analytics tool can be used to find the best time to post the content. LinkedIn analytics tool does the following

  • Post at different times and record the data accordingly
  • Compare the top posts which have received the highest engagement rate with their posting times.
  • Analyse the trend and post subsequently.

5.Tag tactically and schedule 1 post per weekday

If you tag strategically, you can draw attention to your posts. If random tagging is done, then it becomes annoying and drives the audience away. If you add ‘@’ in front of someone’s name, it will notify them and place the content. If your post contains any influential person, then you should tag them so that they will repost your content and your brand will get exposure. It is imperative to understand how often you should post. As per research by LinkedIn, 20 posts per month makes you get 60% of the unique audience. If there are too many posts, then it can reach a large audience but not give you the returns based on your goals. Hence, if you schedule 1 post per weekday, then you will be able to reach the target of 20 posts per month.

6.Company pages are a must

LinkedIn has a feature called as companies to track where you can study other company pages and is an advantageous feature for marketing. In this feature, LinkedIn shows the details of companies which are similar to yours. They will reveal details such as total followers, growth and social engagement. Using these details, you can compare your performance with competitors and set your goals. You can also view and then apply for yourself the ideas which are working best for other companies. Your audience can easily search if you have a well-optimised company page. The following tips can optimise your company page

  • Insert keywords on company description and specialities.
  • Create links to company page for increasing the ranking.
  • Improve the rankings by sharing relevant content regularly.

7.Get help from employees, individuals and group

Companies must inspire their employees to create content for posting. It serves the purpose of having more content to post and showcases the face behind the brand. The content pool will have opinions from a large group of people, and an editor can make sure every article is ready for the public eye. LinkedIn has found out that employees can increase engagement since they are 70% more likely to click, share and comment on the upcoming updates. You can also ask all your employees to create individual LinkedIn profiles with a quick link to your company page which can make your company more visible in search results. LinkedIn offers you to search for individuals and use InMail feature to introduce yourself. You can also customise your search for individuals. You can also draw your audience towards the brand by creating a LinkedIn group. You should create a group if you have an active set of followers and a unique topic to get attention from them. The best practices to follow for a group are to create a catchy name, keep the group up to date and encourage employees to support the group.

8.LinkedIn Marketing blog and sales solutions are untapped opportunities

Currently, LinkedIn has half a billion users, and they have plans to reach 3 billion users in future. They have LinkedIn marketing blog feature which contains a custom selection of articles to design your LinkedIn marketing. You can read this blog and take ideas to improve your lead generation. LinkedIn Sales Solution platform is a valuable marketing tool which allows to target, research, engage and with prospects in a simplified manner. LinkedIn claims that with this tool companies can get 35% larger deals and increase in around 34% of opportunities.

9. Analytics – Do not ignore them

Analytics is an essential tool where you can analyse how your content is doing and improve accordingly. Companies will be able to examine how much audience is engaging with the content, understand the follower demographics and compare their values with the competitors. Based on this information, companies will be able to understand which content is favourite and learn about their followers.

10. InMail and LinkedIn Ads – Make the most of them

LinkedIn supports to create following Ads

  • Ads which appear directly on LinkedIn feed are Sponsored content ads.
  • Ads that allow delivering personalised content are Sponsored InMail ads.
  • PPC or CPM ads which appear on the side are text ads.

This tool is best advertising guide and supports you to create an ad, set target audience and budget and measure ad campaigns.

Inmail is a paid tool and essential part of LinkedIn Marketing strategy. With this feature, companies can quickly and efficiently contact any individual who is there on LinkedIn. The response rate of InMail is three times higher than traditional mail.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to boost any brand and companies should use these quick tips to its fullest potential. These ten quick tips will help you overcome any hurdle and support you to get fully involved in marketing. We at VajraGlobal are also experiencing a lot of things in case of LinkedIn Marketing and would also like a chat with you. Please contact us.

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