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Introduction to mobile app promotion using Facebook Ads July 25, 2017

From June 2016 statista data, Google play store contains 2.2 million apps. Less than 1% of the apps are standing out & reaching its goal. If you have a perfect app with the limited budget then you need to worry about how to invest your money in promotion wisely.

Many app promotions fail because of bad promotion strategy & placement. For example, if you have a “Healthcare App” you need to promote your app only to people who are potential users of the app (and most likely they would be in the healthcare industry) Every single dollar you spend in promotion should reach your potential users and every single penny spent in reaching out to everybody else is waste of your promotion dollar.



Now you know what you should not do, let me help you with what you should do for your promotion Using Facebook Ads. Facebook Campaign Management platform gives you tools to target the right users and convert them. It also provides you detailed analysis to understand campaign behaviour, that helps you fine tune the campaign for maximum results.

5 steps to create your successful Facebook Ads :

  1. Before starting your Ad set, be clear & focus who your targeted audience are. Try not reaching out to everybody in the facebook.
  2. Try to make your ads set user-friendly. Don’t give Over Description,instead use simple attractive words that explain about your app and also gets user attention.




  1. Use the scheduling options wisely to get your CPA under control. Also, try not to change your Ads set frequently.   
  2. Do your own A/B testing on Budgeting  for different Ads set. And check the results for a period of time to know which ads set is performing well.
  3. If you gonna invest a huge amount you must hire a marketing agency who are experts in mobile app marketing.

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