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Have you succeeded in attracting visitors for your SaaS business? December 5, 2017

We’re sure you’ve learnt a little bit about attracting visitors for your SaaS business or website. But, how do you quantify your success in achieving the above goal? What will you answer to a person who asks you about how well your website is performing? What metrics will you measure and report to actually make your success tangible? This article talks about measuring the performance of your website/business using key parameters and tools.  

attracting visitors for your SaaS business


One of the major reasons for online marketing being so popular and sought-after is the fact that each and every metric can be measured. While there are plenty of metrics that give you insights about your campaign performance, we shall take a look at the more vital ones that matter the most to your business. First and foremost, let’s look at the tools that are most useful in tracking your data and analysing results for your campaigns to attract visitors for your SaaS businesses.

Tools you can use to measure your success in attracting visitors for your SaaS business:

  1. Google Analytics: This tool offers Powerful marketing analytics solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. It’s the most popular tool that is used by almost every company across the globe. The process of integrating Analytics to your site via this platform is pretty easy and self-explanatory. The metrics recorded and dashboard presented on this tool is quite comprehensive and offers a 360 degree view of your website/marketing performance. This platform is closest to accuracy and hence, the most trustworthy platform there is on the web.
  2. Google Webmaster Tools: This is another tool from the Google house. It tells you more about your website including broken pages, links background, etc.

Now, let’s come to the point and see the best metrics to measure in order to calculate the performance of your website in in attracting visitors for your SaaS business, that is in the attract phase of your marketing journey: 

Metrics to measure your success in attracting visitors for your SaaS business:

  1. Website Traffic: This is one of the most important metrics as far as performance is considered. Google Analytics’ dashboard offers a good presentation of this metric. This number actually tells you how many visitors are coming to your site along with their demographics. Your aim is to keep seeing a steady increase in the numbers to indicate that your website visitor count is escalating. A sudden spurt in the number may be attributed to an interesting blog post that you recently published. You can gauge if your site is a success or failure with the amount of traffic that you get from varied sources.
  2. Traffic sources: Organic, referrals and paid sources can be used by your visitors to reach your site. It is important to track the sources that are contributing to your campaign performance. You can optimize the sources that aren’t performing well by tracking the issues and addressing them appropriately. For the ones that are doing well, you may figure out the reasons for the same and try aping the same across other sources.
  3. Top Pages: Analysing the top performing pages on your sight, gives you an insight into what interests your visitors and you may use these pages for future campaigns, to attract greater audience. These pages may be a measure of good entry points of visitors to your sites and you may want to optimize these further to suit your audience.
  4. Shared Content: Social media statistics are equally important, while measuring the success of your website traffic. User-generated content attracts good authority for your site as well as higher audience. Track and monitor what kind of content on your site is being shared by visitors/customers along with mentions and comments on each post. Social content has the potential to go viral and create a huge spurt in your visitor traffic. Constantly monitor for these spikes and track back the reason for the spikes.

There are several metrics that are available to track success in attracting visitors for your SaaS business. We’ve simply mentioned the more generic ones that are widely applicable to most companies around the world. Click here to know what are the best metrics for your business.



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