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Essential strategies to build customer relationship July 25, 2017

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.  

Essential strategies to build customer relationship

Customer acquisition is an essential process to business and can be done effectively using Digital Marketing. But, it does not stop there. Making the acquired customers be excited and start using the product / service on a regular basis is what makes your business successful. One fact that rules the business world is “Customer is king.” This statement depicts the importance of building customer relationships. Customer acquisition and customer retention are two concepts that business leaders keep thinking about. Building customer relationships strategically can do so much to your business. This blog is all about the essential strategies to build customer relationship.

Increasing your customer base

Increasing your customer base is possible only if you stay in constant contact with your prospects and existing customers. Engaging your prospects and customers is vital. This is where you might need a strategical approach. Here are a few things that can help you with increasing your customer base.

  1. Give freebies and ask for opinions-
    Newsletters, downloadable pieces, ebooks etc. are a few freebies that can be used to engage your prospects and customers. These free stuffs can help them know more about your business. Create surveys and help the users express their thoughts and they will be more than happy to voice their opinions. This way, you get a chance to understand their expectations
  2. Make your website awesome-
    80% of new customers visit your website before they make their first purchase with you. Give them a perfectly crafted website to view and you will not be disappointed with what comes after! The content in your website should be informative, useful, and relevant. It should convince the prospect that you are exactly who he is in need of.
  3. Use social media-
    A new business, product, event, or campaign should not exist or happen without posting about it on social media. When it comes to any content related to your business, the term “viral” is no more negative! You can get the help of Digital marketing agencies to help you out with your social media marketing strategies.
  4. Support and service-
    Each and every customer is important. Take feedbacks seriously and provide support if necessary. A customer’s positive feedback might contribute to good referral marketing and increase sales.

Customer retention

  1. Building contacts-
    In the case of B2C businesses, you can maintain good relationships with your customers and if you provide unmatchable services and after sale support, you are good. In the case of B2B businesses, go for the “High and wide” concept. This concept means that you have to establish as many contacts as possible within your customer’s organization. Having a single contact in the client’s organization can be disadvantageous if the single contact you have established leaves the company. You might have to start over from the beginning if such a thing happens. This is why you must establish numerous relationships within your customer’s organization.
  2. Reach out to the top management-
    In the case of B2B businesses, after customer acquisition, catering to all the needs of the client is vital and maintaining a good relationship with as many contacts as possible within the customer’s organization is important. But maintain a good relationship with the top level management; say Directors and Executives can be really helpful. This way you can create broad footings throughout the customer’s business and also be rewarded with revenue expansion.
  3. What comes after the getting-to-know phase? –
    After the establishment of a good relationship, you are good to go the next phase. Nurturing your relationship with the customer by depicting the value of your business to them and constantly reminding them that their business is of utmost importance to you is pretty much what you should do in this phase. Conducting exclusive events and flooding them with useful case studies, information on new product releases etc. can make them stay, in fact stay happily!

A step-by-step strategy to build customer relationships

  1. Research
    – Research regarding your customer. Find out who has the purchasing power. Get to know about their competitors. Let them know why they would need your help. Help them visualize what they would gain by getting involved with you.
  2. Put yourself second
    – Give primary importance to what the customer expects from you. The flow of your conversation should be based on the client’s expectations and targets rather than your target of making the sale.
  3. Be with them till the end
    – Show them the power of your customer service and after sale support. Assure them that you will be with them as long as they need you to.

The above are a few tips for building strong relationships with customers and developing a customer relationship strategy. Ways to maintain customer relationships are plenty. By doing as much as you can to maintain customer relationships, you can get more loyal customers and if you are too good, referrals can be attracted.

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